Is World War II Over?

Civil Defense Perspectives September 2010 Volume 26 No. 6

In the popular American view, the embodiment of evil is Adolf Hitler, and the Bad Guys in movies such as Indiana Jones are portrayed as Nazis. Hitler caused World War II, with some help from Imperial Japan, but the Axis was vanquished by the valiant Allies. We had the Nuremberg Trials, hunted down an odd surviving Nazi, and remain vigilant for the reemergence of some neo-Nazis in places like Idaho or at Tea Parties. Now that the Cold War is also over, the world is safe for liberal democracy.

What If It Isn’t True?

Intelligence analyst Viktor Suvorov, who defected from the Soviet Union to the United Kingdom in 1978, presents a startling revisionist view in his 2008 book The Chief Culprit. If he is correct, then we have failed to learn critical historical lessons—with potentially fatal consequences. Continue reading “Is World War II Over?”