Fukashima – Don’t Panic, Do Something

Civil Defense Perspectives March 2011 Volume 27, No. 3

At this time, the score is 18,000 to 0. The earthquake and tsunami have killed some 18,000, and radiation from the seriously damaged nuclear reactors has killed nobody. Half a million have lost their homes or livelihood, and millions are without water, heat, or electricity. World news, however, is focused on fear of radiation release, and reactors are being shut down in Germany, far away from a tsunami. A human chain of 60,000 protesters showed up in Stuttgart to protest nuclear energy.

RadStickers Sent to Japan

The Physicians for Civil Defense Project to equip American first responders with RadStickers (www.ki4u.com) is slowed for the moment because the U.S. government has bought up the inventory and is commandeering new production. Continue reading “Fukashima – Don’t Panic, Do Something”