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Door to door contacting has begun in potential hurricane surge areas on Martha's Vineyard. Local institutional support is growing for this early notification to prevent potential casualties in a storm. Still the bureaucracies in the six towns on Martha's Vineyard seem constitutionally incapable of responding to this urgent need. Petty turf rivalries, personality conflicts, small mindedness coupled with no full-time emergency management on the Island are a prescription for injury and death to first responders having to rescue unprepared citizens.

The barriers are coming down as private citizens and concerned proactive "bureaucrats" within towns are beginning to rally to this need.

Here are web pages put up by the Martha's Vineyard Commission in support of the Physicians For Civil Defense initiative.

CLICK HERE for an article by the local Vineyard Gazette on New England hurricane vulnerability. PCD volunteer Steve Jones assisted in the writing of this article by providing the author with a 28-page report on the 1938 New England Hurricane which is cited in the story:

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