Scientists Petition American Museum of Natural History to Stand against ‘Climate-Change’ Agitators

More than 300 scientists have sent a letter and background information to the president of the American Museum of Natural History in response to demands to remove Rebekah Mercer, a generous donor, from the Board of Trustees, reports Physicians for Civil Defense.

These demands come from agitators waving signs in front of the museum and an open letter circulating on the internet that amassed signatures from self-styled scientists. These include well-known proponents of the catastrophic, human-caused global warming (now climate change) hypothesis, along with many with no apparent scientific credentials, observes Physicians for Civil Defense president, Jane M. Orient, M.D.

The protestors complain that the Mercer Family Foundation has donated to politicians they don’t like and to supporters of scientists who dissent from the climate-change narrative, defaming them as “ringleaders of climate denial.” In fact, dissent is essential to science, and those who attempt to silence it are truly anti-science, Dr. Orient stated.

The letter to AMNH reads: “The case for harm from catastrophic global warming is growing weaker as more is learned about the Earth’s climate system, and about the poor predictive power of computer climate models. The Earth has supported abundant life many times in the geological past when there were much higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is quite likely that future generations will benefit from the enrichment of Earth’s atmosphere with more carbon dioxide. And there is no doubt that policies advocated by many of the protestors will cause economic harm across the world, especially to those hoping to climb out of poverty.”

Signers of the letter include two Nobel laureates, Ivar Giaever (physics, 1973) and Kary Mullis (chemistry, 1993), and many other esteemed, highly accomplished scientists, notes Dr. Orient. “The American Museum of Natural History should not tarnish its long and honorable tradition by allowing political pressure and street theater to dictate its policy,”

Physicians for Civil Defense distributes information to help to save lives in the event of war or other disaster.

Hiroshima Nuke Survivor Urges Americans to Prepare, Reports Physicians for Civil Defense

Contact: Jane M. Orient, M.D., (520) 323-3110, [email protected]

TUCSON, Ariz. In Hiroshima, citizens had no warning, and no inkling about what a single atomic bomb could do. As a result, tens of thousands died unnecessarily. Americans were just warned again in Hawaii, and have known about nuclear weapons effects since 1945, states Physicians for Civil Defense president Jane M. Orient, M.D. “Yet few have done anything to prepare.”

“All Americans should heed the words of Toshiharu Kano, author of Passport to Hiroshima, whose mother was pregnant with him at the time of the Hiroshima bomb,” Dr. Orient stated.

Kano writes: “I am the last, closest to ground zero (800 meters from hypocenter), living survivor of Hiroshima atomic bomb of August 1945. Many of the tens of thousands of victims there tragically perished from an unfamiliarity of how to protect themselves from the unique effects of a nuclear bomb’s flash, blast and radiation. As a US citizen living in Middle America today I see a hauntingly similar vulnerability growing among the general public here ever since Civil Defense was discontinued after the Cold War era.

“The ‘Good News About Nuclear Destruction’ is that if all Americans were trained again in the…basics of what to do and not do if nuclear weapons were ever unleashed again, we could instantly make all nukes 90% less lethal. “Ideally, while I’d like to see a world free of nuclear weapons someday, in the meantime we should all embrace rejuvenating public Civil Defense to greatly minimize their lethality.”

In the three days between the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, survivors spread the word that a bright flash would be followed in seconds by a deadly shock wave. This information saved many who took the appropriate action: to drop and cover, stated Dr. Orient. American schoolchildren used to know this, but few Americans remember.

“After Hawaii’s false alarm, we’re investigating the cause of the error,” she observed. “But what about the lack of basic knowledge and simple life-saving actions? What about the public policy of leaving Americans undefended and uninformed, assuring the maximum number of casualties if we are attacked?” she asked.

Physicians for Civil Defense distributes information to help to save lives in the event of war or other disaster.