How the lesson of Fukushima can benefit the U.S.

Mass bombing of London by Hitler in WW2 created a panic that did more damage than the bombs in the early days.  Once the public got used to the bombings the panic ended along with damage caused by it.  Likewise the scientists that brought in the nuclear age understood that panic caused by a nuclear bomb would do more damage than the bomb itself.

Scientists knew that people’s fear of even tiny amounts of radiation would cause them to stay sheltered for too long a period if a nuclear bomb went off.  This panic would shut down essential services such as trucking.  This is why the home makeable Kearny Fallout Meter   was created by the Department of Defense along with the now defunct  national rad monitoring program.

Alarmist and fear mongers aside, who would have us believe the west coast needs to be evacuated,  people are now going to learn not to fear small doses of radiation.  Nuclear terrorism’s damage relies on panic.  If the public does not panic because it has lost its fear of small doses of radiation through the Fukushima experience, the main weapon “panic” of terrorism is neutralized.

Kearny Fallout Meter instructions:

Easiest explanation to understand as to why there is no danger in the U.S. from Fukushima:  Shane Connor

Best Scientific explanation as to lack of danger: Jerry Cuttler

Supporting Scientific explanation: Bobby Scott

Supporting Scientific explanation: Ed Calabrese

Video: Galen Winsor, a nuclear physicist of renown speaks about “The Nuclear Scare Scam.”  For transcript of video, CLICK HERE.

Fukushima and Reflections on Radiation as a Terror Weapon,  Jane M. Orient, M.D., Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Vol. 19, No. 2, Summer 2014
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